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7th Annual Universities Fighting World Hunger Summit
Location: Catacamas, Olancho
date (from): 02/03/2012
date (to): 04/03/2012
Organization: Universities Fighting World Hunger (UFWH)

Universities Fighting World Hunger (UFWH) is an international organization focused on sustainable human development. Through action on university campuses UFWH creates a learning environment where intellectual discovery and social responsibility converge in pursuit of a sustainable world – a world that protects our natural environment and enhances human health and well-being for present and future generations.
This international initiative started in 2004 as a partnership between the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and Auburn University. Since that time, UFWH has expanded to a coalition of almost 200 universities around the world that have joined the fight against hunger and malnutrition at home and abroad.
The 7th Annual Universities Fighting World Hunger Summit will be the first summit held in a Latin American country. The first five summits were held in the United States and the sixth summit was held in Canada.

This summit represents an incomparable opportunity for Honduras and the Central America region,
not only because of the fact that it will be the first one held in a country like Honduras but also
because it will bring about a space to promote and reinforce collaboration between governments,
private sector, universities and civil society to unite efforts on the task to effectively fight the problems
of food insecurity and malnutrition that significantly affect our people.
The theme of the 7th Summit highlights and evokes the actions that Honduras is carrying out to fight
hunger and poverty. For that reason, we have chosen the theme, “Feed the Future: Honduras, a
Country in Action”a de la 7ma cumbre resalta y evoca las acciones que Honduras está realizando para enfrentar el hambre y la pobreza. Es por esta razón que se ha escogido la frase “Alimentar el Futuro: Honduras, un País en Acción”.

Country: Honduras