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Who we are

Alliance Secretariat

Sharing ideas and experiences is central to the AAHM. The Alliance offers a neutral space where members can build working relationships and, by joining together, increase their visibility, recognition and impact. 

Action undertaken by National and Regional Alliances may range from advocating for policy change to implementing new projects aimed at achieving better food security and nutrition.

The AAHM does not provide funding for National Alliances. But it does offer energetic support and encouragement to their creation and activities. 

The Alliance Against Hunger and Malnutrition Secretariat also organizes workshops, arranges consultations and ensures monitoring and reporting on implementation of its programmes and projects.

In addition, the AAHM helps to forge links between National Alliances in different countries. The AAHM information exchange platform facilitates collaboration within and between National Alliances. The Alliance twinning programme helps match up National Alliances that have the potential to support each other. Both parties benefit from the partnership. 

To achieve its goals, the Alliance focuses its operations on the following strategic sectors:

advocacy: by championing the fight against hunger and malnutrition; 

accountability: working through National Alliances to map food security initiatives; 

coordination: providing a central node for coordination among Alliance members; 

resource mobilization: identifying and mobilizing funds.


The Secretariat

Housed at FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy, the Secretariat is the hub of the AAHM. It encourages and assists National and Regional Alliances in setting themselves up and offers support as they grow. It is the lynchpin for the AAHM community, serving as a link through which Alliances can connect to each other.

As part of its support, the Secretariat organizes workshops for National and Regional Alliances and helps with capacity building.

The Advisory Group

An advisory group made up of representatives from the four founding agencies and various organizations helps the Secretariat with its work. These partners include international civil society organizations and NGOs. 

The group is kept informed of AAHM activities by the Secretariat and meets three times a year to offer advice and guidance.